This week we meet Hazel Gould, known as bunny or blondie and with powerhouse vocals that surprise you.



Life Mantra

Live it!

Role in the band?

Lead female vocalist and band manager

When and how did you form the band?

I joined the band in February 2014 after subbing for the previous singer. I was actually offered the job a couple of times but it took a little persuading as I was very busy at the time, haha

What do you like the most about the band?

The band family vibe. It's so nice when you're so far away from home to feel like you have a support network similar to a family, albeit a wacky, dysfunctional one... but aren't all families?! No seriously, I love these guys like my brothers and joining Studio 188 was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Favorite song to perform ever?

I love to sing "Talkin' Loud" by Incognito. They're one of my favourite bands and I've never had the opportunity to cover any of their songs with a full band line-up like this

Favorite show you performed with Studio 188?

Last year we performed at a festival on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia to more than 12,000 people. I never dreamed I would get to experience ANYTHING like this. It was just awesome.

Funniest moment on stage?

When I first joined the band, we played a random show in some 2nd tier city and the crowd were going wild. Manny our resident Columbian, attempted to climb over the railing at the front of the stage whilst singing, to get closer to the crowd. You know what’s coming… during his attempt he slipped and landed most unfortunately on the railing and his voice went higher than I’ve ever heard it. As you can imagine, it took us all a while to compose ourselves after that 😃

Artist you feel most inspired by?

Lalah Hathaway. American soul singer and daughter of Donnie Hathaway. This lady can SANG! I love voices that pour out of people effortlessly and with a tone that makes your spine tingle. She is one of those singers. 

So I believe you are no longer singing with the band and are just managing?

Yes, after 4 years singing lead vocals with 188, I have hung up my sparkly dresses for a while as I will become a mother this July😃 I will continue to manage the band and maybe make the occasional guest appearance. 


Come catch our next show and see you soon!!