This week we meet Kayleigh O'Neill also known as "Kay"

Kay half.jpg

Life Mantra

I believe strongly in the laws of attraction, meaning that I believe whatever I project I receive. I think it is in your control as a person to turn a negative train of thought into a positive and the more positivity projected, the more you receive and vise versa! 

Following this mantra, I have treated others as I would like to be treated throughout life, whether that be a close family member or a stranger.

Role in the band?

Lead vocals

When did you join the band and how?

I joined the band in March 2018 and the opportunity arose when I had the chance to guest perform with Studio 188 when visiting my partner! I really enjoyed the whole vibe of the band and felt I could learn a lot performing alongside such talented musicians!


Favorite song to perform ever

That’s a tricky question to answer as I’ve been singing for many years! 

I grew up listening to the likes of Soul Artists such as; Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan and Aretha Franklin but as I reached a certain age, I found inspiration from artists such a Beyoncé, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill, though If I had to choose a song, I’d say “ Exfactor” performed by “Lauren Hill.” 

Vocally, it is quite a challenging song to sing but there’s also a sense of freedom when performing it.

Favorite show you performed in your singing career?

I have performed in many different venues over the years but I’d have to say that my favourite performance would be when I performed for the Record Label AATW at a venue in Spain called “Club KKO!”

The songs I sung weren’t typically what I’d sing in order to showcase myself but the atmosphere was electric! 

What do you look forward to the most playing with Studio 188?

I look forward to performing many different genres with Studio 188 as they are so versatile as a band. I think it will allow me to grow as a vocalist as I tend to perform in the styles I have grown up listening to, so to a certain extent I restrict myself vocally. 

I believe Studio 188 will encourage me to be a braver vocalist through songs chosen for me to sing, as I tend to stay inside my comfort zone.


Funniest moment on stage?

It would have to be during a performance with a keyboardist who’s keyboard stand failed to stay upright, resulting in squashed toes!! 😂

Artist you feel most inspired by?

Stevie Wonder, without a doubt!!

Stevie was the first artist I listened to and wondered ( see the pun! ) how he adapted his voice and changed certain tones throughout his songs in such a contrasting way, from soft melodies into gritty growls!

As a child, I would also break down his riffs into sections and slowly sing them until I could sing the riff at the right tempo, which is a technique I still use today.

Stevie was the person who inspired me to write my own songs and to not be afraid of experimentation.

Stevie Wonder is a legend!!